Speed21 Business Network Ltd

HostingHK is pleased to offer server package which provide you with quality, reliable and excellent support. We help in both hardware devices and comprehensive software solutions to enable your e-Business.

Key Features of Facility Management and Server Rental Service
Un-interruptible Power Supply (UPS) backed-up by private diesel generator
FM200 gas-based fire suppression system
24 x 7 CRAC air conditioning and humidity control
24 x 7 free access & support
24 x 7 security control
Free 1 10/100/1000 Base-TX Ethernet port
Free 2 IP address and Internet connectivity
Network monitoring services and customer support services
Reset system upon request
Reset operating system to default state upon request

Server Platform
Redhat Enterprise Linux 4.x and above
CentOS Linux 4.x and above
Microsoft Windows 2003 and 2000

  - Oracle 8 & 8i
- Microsoft SQL
  - Microsoft Exchange
- Microsoft Index Server
- Microsoft Site Server/Commerce Server
  - ColdFusion Server
  - WebSphere
- DB2


An initial deposit of HK$5,000 per server is to be paid upon order confirmation. It will be re-funded from the 7th month onwards.
2. One-year contract must be signed for this special offer.
3. All software licenses are excluded in the server rental quotation.


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