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HostingHK's data center leverage both public interconnect and direct private network connectivity to augment the currently over-burdened public Internet architecture. In this way, we can help ease your frustration by pushing content to the perimeter of the network, closer to customers, insuring availability regardless of Internet conditions.

Our network achieves its greatest strength with one of the industry's most comprehensive sets of private network interconnects. With a high concentration in private connections with major ISPs and Tier-1 providers, we empower superior speed and dependability by way of these greatly preferred private routes.

The high-performance, scalable and redundant architecture of our network allows online businesses to diversify and grow in the grips of an intensifying Internet pace.

The network of HostingHK maintains high levels of reliability with redundant and diverse paths to avoid single points of failure and provide optimal routing and traffic flow (four 155Mbps (Total 620Mbps) / International: 45Mbps), as well as un-interruptible power supplies at every node. Our Network Operations Centers provide proactive network monitoring and fault resolution 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

In each dimension and in its entirety, our global network provides the reliability, performance and scalability required to give you the freedom to maintain your mission-critical Internet operations and to focus on your core business.

HostingHK knows that building, operating, and running advanced and secure web hosting data center (powered by iLink) is at the heart of our business. Thus, our data center features:

Topnotch network equipment
High-speed fiber optic backbone
State-of-the-art physical security architecture
24/ 7 network, system, and application monitoring
Multi-redundant mechanics, utilities, and environmental controls
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
Mainframe-style construction with raised floors, temperature and humidity control.
A mass of public and private peering arrangements

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