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HostingHK dedicates to provide the professional and convenient services for our clients. By using the web-based email services (Speed WebMail), you can send and receive messages from any computer connected to the Internet. You can use your own web mail from home, work, school, an Internet cafe, a friend's house or any other computer in the world with an Internet connection. Your messages are stored in a secured location, so your Inbox will always be up to date.

Speed WebMail has various features:

Uniquely Personalized
  With Speed Webmail, you can now use your own domain name to set up your own web mail (i.e. anyname@yourdomain.com) If you want to check email, simply enter the unique URL to your browser: mail.yourdomain.com
Available Everywhere
  Your Speed WebMail account lets you send and receive messages from any computer in the world that has Web access. That makes it easy to stay in touch with friends, family and business contacts, regardless of your location.
POP accessible
  You can also choose to use the standard email software such as Netscape Messager or Microsoft Outlook to read and store email offline.
Private, Secure and Reliable
  Because it's password protected, only you will have access to your own email account. If you share a computer or internet access, or if you need a personal account to access from work, our secure servers will keep your messages private.
Quick & Easy
  Using Speed WebMail is easy. Simply log into your account (with your user name and password) and begin to Read, Write and Send messages. Our convenient "address book" lets you store your contacts online. You can send messages with attachments, organize them in folders, save drafts, and customize signatures.
Complete Flexibility
  With Speed WebMail, you can keep separate personal and professional accounts. Store messages on your domain name for easy access, or forward them to another email account for centralized access.
Large Email Storage
  Unlike your hotmail or other free email services, Speed WebMail will provide each of your email account under your domain name 20MB to store a lot of message.
Easy to Increase Email Storage
  As you explore the Speed WebMail features, you may want to add extra capacity for storing and sending messages. Simply send an email to our customer representative, we can increase enough storage for your convenient.
More features
  - Unique URL to Access your email: mail.yourdomain.com
- User-friendly and dynamic interface
- Various Professional Layout Design
- Forwarding all emails to the email addresses you specified
- Address Book
- Spell Checker
- Email Filters
- Auto-Responders
- Vocation Messages
- Own Signature
- And more....


If you need more about the Speed WebMail services, please email us or call us at (852) 2543 8388.


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