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To succeed on the front lines of the e-business revolution, you need powerful, innovative technology and design that's up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

These mission-critical sites represent the ultimate standard in website development and managed hosting services. And at HostingHK, it's what we do best.

Over 500 small businesses rely on HostingHK to maintain their web presence. Nothing beats the experience and knowledge of HostingHK when it comes to hosting your web site.

Recommended Plans and Service
Dedicated Server

If your business considers security, scalability and stability top priorities, its Web site and applications should be hosted on a dedicated server. Dedicated and advanced Web hosting arrangements provide companies with exclusive system resources for optimal performance, superior data protection and scalable e-business environments.

Managed Server -- Total Server Management
  HostingHK's popular Total Server Management program makes outsourcing server maintenance easy. Total Server Management is always customized to suit your organization's unique needs, but our standard configuration includes systems administration, database administration and advanced server monitoring.
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